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Simplified Flexible Diet Guide: How It Works, Menu and More!

" Flexible Diet Guide" (2021-01-23)

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The flexible diet has become a great ally for women who want to lose weight by introducing vegetables to their daily menu without having to give up meat and animal products entirely.

The flexible diet allows its supporters to enjoy the benefits of the vegetarian diet (prioritizing the consumption of fruits and vegetables) without restricting any food group.

The idea is that, instead of counting calories ingested in the diet (as in the points diet, for example), the macronutrients - which we know as carbohydrates, fats, fibers and proteins - are consumed throughout the day.

Are you curious? Learn now everything about the flexible diet, how it works, some tips for putting together the menu and much more!

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What is the Flexible Diet and how did it come about?
To make you feel safer and enter this diet with eyes wide open, let's talk a little about what the flexible diet is about and how it came about.

First, the flexible diet was created by an American nutritionist named Dawn Jackson Blatner and became quite famous in the USA and here in Brazil, too.

This is because the diet was created in order to allow its supporters the freedom to set up their daily menu and have a balanced diet without restriction of food, as long as they obey a certain maximum amount of macronutrients per day.

Hence the jargon for which the diet is also known: “If it fit your macros” (IIFYM), which in Portuguese means “If it fits in your macronutrients”.

To stipulate the amount of macronutrients to be ingested per day, sites are used to calculate the amount of macronutrients (remembering: proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and fats) that can be consumed in the day from data such as height, weight, and the amount of physical exercises practiced by the user.

In summary, the pillars of the Flexible Diet are:

Preference for fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals;
Exchange processed foods for natural foods;
Limit the amount of sugar, sweeteners and products with artificial sweeteners;
Prefer vegetable proteins;
Build a flexible menu, incorporating plant and animal foods from time to time.


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