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1980s Plastic Charm Bracelets & Necklaces

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I had picked up 2 100-ct lots of Kevin Maas 1990 rookie cards, one block of Fleer cards and one block of Upper Deck cards. This included Tom Glavine, Greg Jefferies, Matt Williams, Roberto Kelly, and Ron Gant rookie cards. I reviewed the cards and was pleased to see several of the cards that were valued in the $250 range and the lowest was valued at $150. Thanks, Prasetio. Always good to see you! He has every right to look for that amount of money - it’s still a good deal for a buyer, but it’s a bit high for a dealer. While working the Garfield show, I saw that one dealer had Magic: The Gathering cards mostly from newer sets. Unfortunately, another dealer saw the binder and the box and bought the box. Finding a galaxy poker working system in its original box is a jackpot. Finally, do you have any original documents, boxes, manuals or receipts that you can include?

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