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Three Strategies To Turn Competing Blog Traffic Into Your Own

"Gail" (2020-06-12)

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3. There are many opinions on this subject but the rule of thumb is the higher the website Page Rank the better your backlink will be weighted by the search engines. You shouldn't be seduced by promises of getting you rated on top page rapidly, because there's no guarantee. Clique Hunter - finds blogs, news sites, influencers, experts and others that link to multiple competitors - and if they link to your competitors, they’ll be top prospects for your own link building campaigns. These links are guaranteed to blow your competitors away. One thing you should be aware of is that this method isn’t guaranteed to work every single time because you can’t force the bloggers to write a positive review-you’re reaching out to them in good faith. With such big spending and time investment, how do you know you’re seeing a meaningful return? The SEO work for the three websites selected for the study was done during the same time period: February - April.

"For example, go after two or three high volume and highly competitive keywords in your niche. Jeremy Cross’s team at Virtual Team Building has the opposite approach to setting realistic goals: "A lot of marketers choose SEO goals that are very attainable, for example by going after long-tail keywords or otherwise low volume. Your team might be contributing to that in some form. Pelicoin‘s Anna Tatelman agrees: "Although you might want to be the highest-ranked website for a popular keyword, consider your Internet Authority first. High CTR could only be a by-product of quality content, and you might need to invest generously in this sector. Since the roll out of Penguin, you need to be careful of the type of backlinks that you build. Instead of going out and doing all of those old-school link building things like link exchanges, buying buy pbn links, visiting article or web directories to add your link, or spamming blogs with links to your site using anchor text - you earn the links your site gets.

Most of them offer this feature as a separate report within their tools, so you can check out anchor texts quickly and with no hassle. Keeping an eye on the competition can take many shapes and forms; likewise, there are a number of tools available for you to effectively spy on competing blogs. If you’re starting from complete scratch, then you should take buying links off your radar altogether. That being said, merely having SEO packages will only take you as far as bringing in prospective customers. In fact, CosmoDogg‘s Alfredo Bernal explains how this can tie-in with making your SEO goals realistic: "One tip we live by when it comes to setting goals for SEO is having a realistic timeline to achieve specific objectives. Having no targeted keywords are like trying to catch a fish without a fishing-rod. All of their blogs are legit and they do not use PBNs. These don’t do anything for Google and actually allow your competitor's easy access to the keywords you use.

You can make use of this and enhance the performance of your website. I can wait and client work pays the bills for now. This was also perfect timing as one of my client's contracts has ended at the end of April and I have 2 weeks since I start work with another client. Link building is going nowhere and is staying here as one of the vital components of an SEO plan in 2020. However, the focus has shifted from increased quality and relevancy rather than quantity when it comes to getting relevant backlinks from the right sites in your niche. However, Jeremy Harrison of Hustle Life has a word of warning: "Looking at a single metric in isolation will only tell part of the story. "Getting the first backlinks and the first keywords to rank is the hardest part. If this is the case, then backlinks are going to be your best friend, and while you can now confidently give an answer to somebody who asks you, "what are backlinks?", you may need to learn more to rank your own website. With this, you will be able to create new landing pages by yourself (or pass it to your content writer) that now have a chance to rank on those keywords.

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