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"Eartha" (2020-06-09)

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If you’re using video, there are niche video community sites beyond YouTube and Vimeo where you also may want to maintain an active presence. This may seem self-evident, but as someone who hosts a number of online communities, let me assure you that a large number of companies fail to appreciate this. Remixing someone else’s ideas has become so celebrated that it’s a key plank of many company business models, from Apple to Zara to GM. More than 2,000 of those were actually from a single business blog-in Bulgaria-where someone took the time to summarize the entire presentation in Bulgarian and post the SlideShare player directly onto the site. But as this book shows, there are many potential benefits to tailoring your presentations specifically for SlideShare, and even creating unique content for SlideShare. Because of them, businesses are able to target more clients and bigger part of the market. By modifying the still image, title, and tagging information for the same video on these different platforms, you can target different keywords with each version of the video and gain greater search engine visibility. Write a series of blog posts on other sites, perhaps linking back to your own site for more information?

Will you create a series of blog posts about it? Just as a white paper can be atomized-shaped into many smaller pieces targeted at a specific pain point and/or persona-so, too, can the same content be reworked into different formats like presentations, videos, and blog posts. SlideShare started out as a platform to share presentations, and that remains its core focus. Rejoice in it. Use SlideShare as a research tool for new viewpoints, data sources, charts, graphs, and quotes. And once you have ideas in mind, it also can be an extremely useful tool to source "input" for your own content. Search motors have devised methods to filter this kind of links and when they catch numerous Backlinks originating from same source for the site these types of Backlinks is going to be nullified. 4.Possess a site map with links in your webpage for your site map. Once you build a good site on those expired domains and give a backlink to your money website, you can improve the ranking.

In turn, they’ll likely give your site credit with a backlink. While it’s not for everyone, this technique can give you a considerable SEO boost in the right situation. You will develop the right mentality to be an Internet marketer. Or, while you no doubt see YouTube as the default video-sharing platform, SlideShare can also host your videos, right there on your profile page, alongside all your other content. One opportunity SlideShare users typically ignore is the ability to modify or even create custom content just for this platform. Distribution covers everything that happens to your content after it’s created. LinkedIn (and the many groups on LinkedIn), are all distribution channels and outposts. Sites like Businessweek, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal all have interesting and evolving models of community blogging either through their own, parallel, or external sites hosted on other platforms such as LinkedIn. If you already host video on your own site and other sharing sites like YouTube, I recommend uploading those same videos to SlideShare as a trial. Yes, you can take an existing PowerPoint presentation and quickly and easily upload it to SlideShare without any further modification. This is the sort of detail that nearly everyone misses-the piece that can help take you from regular user to SlideShare Ninja.

So instead of trying to think of ways to make it difficult for people to copy my content, from that point on I began thinking of ways to make it easier-and make sure my company’s logo was placed more tightly against charts and graphs so that they were more likely to be given credit in the new piece of content. Looking at the belief that Wikipedia has a high ranking effectively perhaps pertaining to terminology using a great deal of levels of competition, will not the idea look fair for you to copy his or her methods? In early 2011, I was approached by a woman at a conference who thanked me for all the great help I’d given her with a presentation she had worked on for her company. Apart from the usual buy cheap backlinks, it will also make available some of the best link building strategies that will help you a lot.

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