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6 Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Store (and Grow Your Traffic)

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In this article we will go over 4 ways to get local business listings and backlinks to increase your exposure online and drive more visitors to your small business website. One of those is getting local business listings and backlinks to their site so people can find your business in multiple ways. If you're not getting a lot of search traffic from MSN Live Search or Yahoo - I would definitely setup those profile pages. MSN Live Space: Your MSN Live Space is part of your Microsoft Live Account (basically the same as a Google account). Squidoo: With Squidoo once you signup for a free account you get to setup as many Squidoo "lenses" as you would like. Just Google to find great free blog and web site communities, like Blogger, WordPress, Yola, Live Journal, Google Pages, and Webnode. Many times you have had a great working experience with a company and you share a great working relationship.

If they don’t link, then they will likely share the content piece on social. SEO's pay more attention to structure and formatting of content which makes it easier for Google to carry important information for featured snippets. Google Pages are more like a flat static web site, where Google Sites are dynamic and a place where you can pull in information from your Google Docs and Picasa accounts. The benefit of using these tools is of course 'in theory' when you add content and links here they should get indexed in that search engine more quickly. Then you add various "modules" to it to make up the content. Then upload it to Scribd! You can write about poodles, by adding text and photo modules, and then follow it up with Amazon and eBay modules showcasing things people can buy casino backlinks related to poodles. You can also make affiliate money here through eBay auctions, Amazon items, and AdSense revenue. This is a technique that works well, and it's very underutilized by many bloggers and affiliate marketers.

You don't have to worry about editorial guidelines or policies because you can post affiliate links, pictures, and pretty much do what you want. What you do is use these sites to promote your main blog by linking back to them either in a 'roundup' type post or by writing a new posts and pages. After you have the rundown of potential backlink accomplices, it is dependent upon you to visit each of the locales and post your substance with the backlink to your site in it. There's a new site called Issuu that's just like Scribd (Google it). The number of backlinks that you can build from directories like this is limited only by your imagination. Personally I think that free blogs are one of the greatest ways to build links to your blogs and web sites because you have total control over everything! I hope you find these methods of attaining free one way backlinks useful.

The homepage of a website is usually the first one to get indexed. First it helps in search engine promotion and second it helps in communicating with clients like you. It is almost like voting. Through online networking sources like Facebook, Twitter etc. you can uncover your website in preferable way over some other sources. 3. Social Networks. Yelp is a good place to start on social networking for local businesses. This is not hard to do yet it is amazing how many small businesses do not take the time to do it. It seems that most of the blogs these days block links in their comment sections but there are still some that will pass on link juice, it just may take a little time to find them. If your site is having many votes, you will have high position in Google rank. Site speed plays a crucial role in Google ranking for both desktop and mobile.

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